Monday, April 26, 2010

Today's Silhouette Binge.

I have recently become obsessed with silhouettes. I had made a couple about five years ago, free hand of my dog and cat. I placed them in fancy gold frames, but no one ever seemed to get the joke. Oh well, I made my self laugh at least.

But today I was in need of some quick crafting and had been trying not to buy over priced silhouettes off eBay. So I decided to make these for my nieces.

Group shot of African animal silhouettes, hand cut. Not bad for a second attempt!

This elephant is my favorite! I imagine him to be un ami of Babar. Can practically hear him speaking French.

Monsieur Leon. He feels this photo doesn't do him justice. His mane comes off too...Rastafarian but his muzzle is actually pretty good close up.

Giraffe lacks...sparkle?

His Lordship, Sir Rhino of Cold Higham.

Amelia loved them so much she had to make her own version.

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